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KSOP GGPoker advances to Fortaleza final with R$ 3 million

Starting lineup for Fortaleza KSOP GGPoker final s...

KSOP GGPoker is hosting its premium edition in Rio de Janeiro, but the next steps are already being considered and determined by the organization. The race management has therefore decided today to announce the next leg of the season, the final one in 2023. It will be held in Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceara.

The end of season will take place in October, between October 25th and 31st. During this period, everything will be determined and the overall winner of the leaderboard will be announced, as will other competitions such as the Omaha leaderboard and the foreigner leaderboard.

The final stage in 2023 will have a guaranteed prize money of R$ 3 million and will be played at a venue well known to poker players: the Hotel Gran Mareiro in Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza. The competitive grid will include all known traditional tournaments and will affect the entire region.

Main Event The Main Event will have a BRL 1,000,000 guarantee and a buy-in of BRL 2,500. There are also other big tournaments on the schedule, such as the R$7,000 High Roller with a R$500,000 guarantee and the R$2,000 Monster Mystery KO 6-Max with cash prizes starting at R$200,000.

The Gran Marrero Hotel offers a good structure for all players, and the proximity to the beautiful Praia do Futuro is an added attraction for a great experience. Follow and get ready to end the year with a bang at Brazil’s most popular event.

Starting lineup for Fortaleza KSOP GGPoker final s...

Adrian Mateos Fails Starting Chips on Day 1 of $250,000 Luxon Pay Invitational in London

Adrian Mateos Fails Starting Chips on Day 1 of $25...

Luxon Pay Invitational is an exclusive format for the Triton Poker Series, which has played its first day at the Asian Music Festival

The Madrid player had a very complicated day, with the first 300,000 points barely getting the hurdles to overcome. Amadi didn’t top that number in a dozen hands, but one particular player made sure it was nothing more than a mirage.

Adrian’s best opponent was Brazilian Ernildo Santos who hit him three middle pots from the BB , which could be the basis for a better position for our players. At least our No. 1 didn’t have to re-enter like some VIPs and pros who start at different tables and end up mingling after the dinner break.

Greatest Luxon Pay to date, the Invitational far surpasses previous records and now includes 115 registrations from 91 different players. Another bet at the start of Day 2 brings the stake to $30 million. If some famous knockouts such as Chris Brewer, Chris Moorman, Daniel Cates, Andrew Roble, Linus Lohrig or Fedor Holz were not exhausted yet

Adrian is currently ranked 55th with 234,000 points, enough to place 29 big players on the table Blinds. At the top of the standings, the lead between Sean Perry and Alfred DeCarolis is nearly 1,730,000 points, with Cristoph Vogelsang a little further and the aforementioned Ernildo Santos completes the tournament point millionaires list.

The official website has not yet announced the table changes for the start of the second day, which means that Adri will continue to attack in Mikita Badziakouski, Nick Schulman, Santosh Suvarna, Sam Grafton and cryptocurrency With investor Karl Chappe-Gatien watching closely, Santos blinded from the button.

There is no doubt that the Triton Series will be broadcasting the entire race on various digital platforms. The signal will reappear on your monitor at 15:00 as a fake live stream, showing the map.

Adrian Mateos Fails Starting Chips on Day 1 of $25...

Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

Day 2 of Event #85: $1,500 WSOP Penalty Shootout at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas relegated from 100 to last 10 players start the day. Due to the structure of the tournament, each remaining player once again beats the other nine players at the same table to advance to the final. One of them, Yuri Givylevsky, could make more history.

The players returning this Saturday will receive at least $19,003 in cash prizes, but only one of them will win as they’re keen to win the World Series of Poker Tournament Gold Bracelets and 1st Prize237,367 greens.

Adam Friedman leads, but Dzivielevski close behind.

Final table prospect Bright and full of familiar faces. Five-time WSOP bracelet winner Adam Friedman (2,500,000) was the first player to sell a ticket to the Financial Times. He was joined by Latin Hope, also multi-bracelet winner Dzivielevski (2,415,000), looking to add a fourth bracelet to his collection. If he can do that, he will be the only one on the list of most bracelet winners the Brazilian shared with Max Stern today. Another Brazilian green player Alan Melo (2,420,000) is also on the list.

He’s on the right track, as despite being one of the last finalists, he has the fewest gap stacks of the ten.

Another newcomer is popular globetrotter Faraz Jaka (2,450,000), a regular visitor to the Latin American country, looking for his first bracelet.

Olga Iermolcheva (2,450,000) has also made progress and will be a strong contender, as has Edward Mroczkowski, who has He won four events in the tournament, including a 738th place finish in the Main Event.

The last player to reach the final table was Michael Finstein (2,415,000), who defeated Aleksandr Gofman after more than seven hours of play. This will be Einstein’s second WSOP FT since he finished seventh in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event in 2018.

Event #85: $1,500 Penalty Shootout.

Buy-in: $1,500Number of participants: 987Pot: $1,317,645Blind Note: Level 32 (30,000/60,000, 60,000 Ante)Average Stack: 2,467,500Next Cash: $19,003 p>Final Table

1° Adam Friedman – 2,500,0002° Ink Boat – 2,500,0003° Proud Morning – 2,453,0004° Faraz Jaka – 2,450,0005. Olga Ilmocheva – 2,450,0006. Edward Moroczkowski – 2,440,0007° Alan Mello – 2,420,0008° Matteo Cavelier – 2,420,0009° Michael Feinstein – 2,415,00010° Yuri Givylevsky – 2,415,000

ITM Latino

13. Gustavo Mastroto – $5,75930° Fabiano Kowalski – $5,75967. Julian Pineda – $5,759

*collection completed

Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

Phil Hellmuth Wins His 17th WSOP Bracelet

End of Event 17: Phil Helmuth Sets New Record at W...

The “White Wizard” of poker – Phil Helmuth – has once again proven that he is unmatched at the World Series of Poker. In the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty event, the player won again to claim his 17th WSOP bracelet. It’s a World Series of Poker all-time record – none of the closest entrants has more than 10 titles.

The tournament attracted 642 players and had a prize pool of $4,044,600. Both amateur and professional poker players participated in the event. A number of star players were spotted, including Phil Ivey at the final table.

The poker player was looking for his 11th bracelet, but the desire for another record was stronger for Helmut than Phil found pocket aces and knocked out the other sixth-ranked Fi you. Overall, the final table was fast-paced, with heads-up play completed within dozens of hands.

Heads-up heads-up with Justin Zaki started with roughly even stacks, but one hand was everything. Justin flopped a straight flush draw against Helmut’s two low pair. It’s hard to imagine the emotions the Horseshoe Ballroom would experience if the Deuce closed. But luck was on the side of the white magician, so Phil won the house and won the long-awaited victory.

“I’m doing well. I must have a smile on my face”, said Helmut after calming down.

As a matter of fact, this competition is still very interesting for Helmut. The poker player started playing after quitting the $50,000 event. Otherwise, according to Phil, he himself would have missed the game.

At some point, there are still a few blinds left in the player’s stack, and the main task of the future champion is to hold out until the break. After managing to keep his chips intact, Phil reraised and made it to the winning final table. The player also stated that his composure at the final table was one of the key factors in his success.

First place brought Helmut $803,818. However, the poker world knows that the record holder isn’t interested in big payouts, but the chance to prove he’s still one of the best players in the world.

End of Event 17: Phil Helmuth Sets New Record at W...

Seating lottery: Las Vegas’ Latino table for day six

Seating lottery: Las Vegas' Latino table for day s...

WSOP 2023The Main Event broke all records. It received 10,043 entries, earned $93,399,900, and awarded the top 1,507 finishers, or 15 percent of entries, including many from the region’s box-office hits. The contest has entered its sixth day and will be held this Wednesday, with 10 Latinos among the survivors.

The best so far is Carlos Rox in 49th place out of 149 remaining players with 4,630,000 chips, followed by Mexican Diego Ramos with David Cossío-Ruiz, Sergio Torres, Óscar Alache, Ezequiel Lebed and Luis Those like Yépez who will return with goals, move on cash rewards, are one step closer to their dream of becoming a new world champion.

Alache is keeping the Chilean dream alive in the WSOP Main Event.

This is crucial to what happened today, so we will leave it to you below to complete the seat draw so you can know that each of you Individuals are given which table and seat.

Since US$12,100,000,000 is waiting for the champion, the competition will start on day 5. Level 26 starts at 12 noon local time, the blinds are 40k/80k, and the big blind ante is 80k. There will also be 5 levels of 2 hours each, with survivors progressing to Day 7.

Day 6 Latin American Country Seat Draw | Players | Chips | Tables / Seats

Rodrigo Motoki | 3,790,000 | 3,790,000 605 / 5 David Cossio-Ruiz | David Cossio-Ruiz 3,015,000 | 3,015,000 608 / 3 Carlos Roques | 463,000 | 613 / 8 Hilton La Boda 2,560,000 | 2,560,000 614 / 4 Ezequiel Lebed | 700,000 | 616 / 1 Diego Ramos | 4,300,000 | 622 / 7 Sergio Torres | 4,110,000 | 622 / 5 Vito Bengozzi | 1,965,000 | 1,965,000 622 / 9 Luis Donelles | 2,430,000 | 2,430,000 623 / 8 Luis Yepes | 670,000 | 629 / 2 Oscar Arash | 3,245,000 | 3,245,000 631 / 2

*Seat drawing completed.

Day 6 Latin Chip

49. Carlos Roques – 4,630,00061. Diego Ramos – 4,300,00066. Sergio Torres – 4,110,00071. Rodrigo Motoki – 3,790,00082. Oscar Arach – 3,245,00099° Hilton Laborda – 2,560.00103° Luis Donelles – 2,430,000112° Vito Bengozzi – 1,965,000144° Essequiel Lebed – 700 000147° Luis Yépez – 670,000

*Complete count.

ITM Latino

161. Luis Abdullah – $67,700181. Manuel Porchardt – $58,800196° Rafael Morais – $58,800228° Jorge Postigo – $50,900233° Carlos Lim – $50,900234° Hilton Lourenco – $50,900281° Jorge Dominguez – $50,900305° Arthur Souza de Campos – $44,700313° Thiago Crema – $44,700317° Lucas Porchardt – $44,700332° Hermione Garza – $44,700338° Carlos Leyva – $44,700345° Juan Marcos Lopez – $44,700352° Christian Roberts – $40,000357° Diego Emperador – $40,000380° Eduardo Amaral – $40,000394° Mario Lopez – $40,000Recife 401° Silvera – $40,000419° Edgardo Rosario – $40,000446° João Simão – $40,000485° Omar Barretta – $35,000490° Yuri Givylevsky – $35,000506° Rafael Kayafa – $35,000507° German Dansker – $35,000522° Vinicius Pieri de Lima – $35,000535° Renan Aziz – $35,000561° Andrea Goldbaum – $32,500577° Thiago Franco – $32,500584° Emmanuel Lopez – $32,500594° Francisco Benitez – $32,500602° Franco Mendes – $32,500619° Francis Cruz – $30,000628° Ramon Croppmans – $30,000637° Laura Sintra – $30,000651° Rodrigo Incefran – $30,000700° Diego Sanchez – $27,500704° Felipe Ketzer – $27,500710° Pedro Cavalieri – $27,500718° Leonardo Santos – $27,500748° Adrian Troya – $27,500755° Marco Zevola – $27,500794° Gurte Fortuna – $25,000802° Mauricio Aruano Parodi – $25,000832° Mathias Scafford – $25,000851° Gerson Caldeira – $25,000901° Pedro Galagnani – $25,000906° Lowry Championship – $25,000959° Jose Ferro – $22,500972° Rodrigo Rischmag – $22,500993° Mathias Duarte – $20,0001,005° Leonardo Daviglus – $17,5001,041° Mario Lauro – $17,5001,045° Eduardo de la Isla – $17,5001,098° Joseph Bloom Pacheco – $17,5001,106° Neville Endo Costa – $17,5001,113° Daniel Barahona – $17,5001,169° Fernando Sampitro – $17,5001,180° Guimarães – $17,5001,183° Dennis Lewis – $17,5001,199° Jose Moore – $17,5001,227° Leonardo de Souza – $17,5001.254° Oligan Ramos Duarte – $15,0001.257° Mariano Cable Car – $15,0001,266° Jorge Ribeiro – $15,0001.286° Jacob Montoya – $15,0001294° Giuseppe Callio – $15,0001,296° Cristian Peña Castro – $15,0001428° Jesus Bertoli – $15,0001,431. Augusto Hagen – $15,0001,460° Eider Cruz – $15,000

*The collection is complete.

Seating lottery: Las Vegas' Latino table for day s...

Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Players Championship

Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Player...

Event #43 The $50,000 Poker Players Championship is probably one of the most prestigious tournaments at this year’s WSOP 2023. It’s not the most expensive or the most crowded, but it’s the game the best gamers will want to play to showcase their versatility in the mix.

For this prestigious bracelet, some of the most successful players in the world are still battling an industry that has entered its fourth day, although unfortunately no Nacho Barbero , who bid farewell to 16th in Tuesday’s bubble embarrassment. Ranking, the last place before the bonus.

Nacho Barbero is frustrated with his elimination.


With 99 entries worth $50,000, The Players Championship will award $4,727,250 to the top 15 players (12 players remain finalized), but Barbero went away empty-handed> after losing a pot-limit Omaha hand to British player Talal Shakerchi.

The Argentine has come this far after winning several pots, although his hand is the beginning of this farewell, but not the end, the official PokerGO broadcast The footage immortalized the farewell, and one wondered if “Nacho’s year” would ever be over. .

VIDEO | Nacho Barbero stays in bubble

Is ‘Nacho Year’ over? ? ? @nacho_barbero shines in $50,000 Poker Players Tournament!

The remaining 15 players are guaranteed at least $84,255.

📺 – Watch live here: PICTURE.

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 21, 2023

After the departure of Barbero, backed by Cacho Korn, Fellow countrymen like Bartolo Belluscio and Ramiro Petrone opened up the prize pool with a minimum prize of $84,255, although everyone’s dream is a bracelet, at $1,324. The winner gets $747.

The tournament is currently led by Matthew Ashton with 4,450,000 chips and Phil Ivey is fifth in chips with 3,135,000 chips. Obtain his 11th bracelet.

Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Tournament

Buy-In:$50,000Stakes: 99Pot: $4,727,250

Only they remain

1. Matthew Ashton—4,450,0002° Hal Rosewood – 3,900,0003. Talal Sakchi – 3,430,0004° Brian Last – 3,365,0005. Phil Ivey – 3,135,0006. Josh Arieh – 2,360,0007. Ray Dehkharghani – 2,285,0008. Daniel Arai—1,885,0009° James Fruit – 1,805,00010° Johannes Becker – 1,520,00011° Christopher Tang – 1,190,00012. Marco Johnson – 375,000


1. – $1,324,7472nd Place – $818,7563rd Place – $573,6794th Place – $411,8245° – $303,0716 – $228,793 – $228,7937 – $177,294 – $177,2948° – $141,1259 – $141,12510° – $115,47711° – $115,47712th place – $97,20913. Maxx Coleman – $97,20914. Phil Hellmus – $97,20915. John Monette – $84,255

Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Player...

WSOP: Yuri Martins and Poleman lead Brazil on Day 2

WSOP: Yuri Martins In Event #47 Top 10; Alcioni Po...

Brazil is everywhere in the halls of the WSOP Wednesday morning (21). In addition to João Simão and his strong support in Event 44, players from the country also made progress in two other competitions. In Event #47 ($1,500 HORSE), the main figure in Brazilian poker today is Yuri Martins.

The man from the state of Paraná had a strong showing in the combined five-mode tournament and collected 189,500 chips. Event #47 attracted 836 entrants and 260 players managed to chip in to continue. These include Jose Latorraca (114,000), Sergio Braga (48,000), Felipe Mojave (32,500), Renan Bruschi (25,000), Marcelo Valadares (18,500) and Jefferson Emerick (12,000).

The chip leader is Der American Mike Thorpe with 252,500 in chips. The winner will receive $207,688 and the prize pool will start at 126th place with a minimum ITM of $2,406. Play will resume at 5:00pm. and.

Event #47 ($500 Freezeout NLH) was well attended with 5,342 entrants but only 238 stamped their tickets. Alcioni Pollermann has extensive experience at the Brazilian tables and moved up to fifth with 1,690,000 in chips. Six other players from Brazil also qualified for the second day.

They are Patrick Leung (1,180,000), Henry Fisher (840,000), Luis Donelles (800,000), Igor Pinheiro (800,000), Nelson Pass Cole (525,000) and Milton Conca (420,000). Play resumes on Wednesday at 14:00 with blinds 15,000/30,000.

Alcioni Pollermann

WSOP: Yuri Martins In Event #47 Top 10; Alcioni Po...

João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Event 44

João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Eve...

Star player Joao Simao has his sights set on another gold bracelet and tops the Event 44: $3,000 NL Hold’em leaderboard. By the end of the second day, he had won 92 BBS, while China’s Zhang Yang had 94 BBS.

More than a hundred players are still competing for the championship, including three other Brazilian players, all of whom are still far away from the championship. table top. While grinder Renan Aziz finished with 20 BBS, Dante Goya and Walter Ripper had more work to do with 17 each BBS and 15 BBS.

Among foursome opponents, David Miscikowski (50 BBS) is out, Shannon Shorr (49 BBS), Pete Chen (43 BBS), Matt Berkey (40 BBS), Ramiro Petrone (37 BBS), Chris Moorman (35 BBS), Espen Jorstad (25 BBS), Joaquin Melogno (25 BBS), Jans Arends (22 BBS) and Daniel Negreanu (19 BBS).

The WSOP registered a record 1,735 entrants for the tournament with 224 entrants heading into day two. In total, the winner will win $717,879 out of a $4,632,450 prize pool.

Play will continue at 15:00 (BST) until 5 players remain.

João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Eve...

WSOP Investigates High Roller Martin Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel accused of WSOP map marker

At almost every World Series of Poker there are various scandals involving prominent poker players. Most of the time, this happens due to the player’s crazy schemes or suspicion of wrongdoing.

Such a story takes place in the current WSOP 2023 series, and it involves the name of popular Czech poker player Martin Kabrhel. He recently made the final table of WSOP 2023 Event #40: $250,000 Super High Roller for an incredible third-place finish of $2,279,030.

However, the poker player has been accused of somehow underperforming. Play poker while participating in a WSOP event. However, these allegations came not from anyone but from popular poker players in good standing.

In case you didn’t know!

Czech poker player Martin Kabrhel made the best money of his poker career at the 2018 WSOPE €100,000 Super High Roller. That’s when he won his first World Series of Poker bracelet and €2,624,340.

Martin Kabrhel accused of cheating at WSOP event

It all started with a Twitter thread from Andrew Robl, who wrote that Martin Kabrhel was making all WSOP events boring by cheating. Robl said he saw Kabrhel marking the cards and expressed surprise that the Czech high roller hasn’t been banned from the WSOP yet.

This may look like an offended poker player who missed the card. If Roble hadn’t joined some other notable players like Chance Cornuth and Dan Smith, he’d be in line for a big tournament payout. The latter, by the way, made the final table of the $250,000 WSOP event. Even Phil Helmuth, who doesn’t usually comment on such scandals, said he was “uncomfortable” sitting at the same table as Martin Kabrhel.

It didn’t take long for the Czech high rollers to react with a lengthy Twitter post containing his own version of events

“Yesterday Andrew Robl posted a tweet accusing me of identifying cards and cheating in a poker tournament. I’m shocked how quickly people understand this.” As a true, pure claim with no evidence whatsoever, the media went into a frenzy, paint me as a liar. You can accuse me of bad manners and bad jokes, you can label me, you can mention my autism, you can call me “I’m a nuisance, but calling me a liar is nonsense, ’ wrote the poker player. Martin added that such public allegations would have an extremely negative impact on his reputation and threatened to sue anyone he believed to be defaming him. The poker world is divided into two camps. The former (and even many lesser-known players) claimed that Martin cheated, while the latter argued that the allegations were baseless. Some poker players have posted videos in the comments that they believe confirm the Czech high rollers’ cheating motives.

Martin Kabrhel accused of WSOP map marker

Federico Tur wins KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event

Federico Tur wins KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event

For the first time, the KSOP Tour was held in Foz do Iguaçu, with the main event won by Federico Tur from Argentina. His compatriots Cristian Saray and Francisco Vazquez were also finalists.

June 15th to 20th was the main final festival event, with a total of 718 entries and a prize of 2,500 reais (521 US dollars), guaranteed The prize pool is 1,000,000 reals ($208,752).

Francisco Vázquez finished fifth, earning R$53,000 (US$11,063). Christian Sare finished fourth and won R$70,000 (US$14,612).

After the heads-up match, Federico Tur decided to reach an agreement with Paolo Cicero for The winner leaves R$40,000 and the trophy. The Argentine was crowned champion and won the biggest prize money of his career: 255,000 Brazilian reals ($53,231). In May, he finished second at the Iguazu Poker Tour for $21,200.

Federico Tur wins KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event

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