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Yuri Martins wins Reg Life Community 10k Challenge

Yuri Martins competes in 10k Reg Life Challenge in...

Reg Life, one of the largest poker communities in the United States, has an interesting challenge for the next 13 weeks: some members of the project led by Yuri Martins have taken on the Reg Life 10k challenge.

The premise of the challenge is that some of Reg Life’s trainers livestream micro and low-stakes tournaments between Tuesdays and Fridays. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to convert the initial $1,000 balance into a $10,000 balance – if the trainer manages to use the challenge balance, the tournament buy-in will increase.

Challenges are the star of the game. WSOP Champion Gustavo Mastelotto “22ehnutzz” kicks off the week on Tuesday at 2pm, with the task falling to Reg Life expert head coach Lucas Aoki on Wednesday at 9am. It will be SNG coach Luis Schiavo’s turn Thursday at 4 p.m. Finally, the legendary Yuri Martins, the winningest Brazilian player in history according to Hendon Mob, will round out the week at 09:15.

One of the purposes of the challenge is to show that there is a way to be profitable with lower limits. Even stars of the World Poker Elite, like Pedro Garagnani, who was at the GGMillion$ final table on Tuesday, agreed with the initiative and poked fun at some of the players’ old comments. He commented on Instagram: “I want to see you guys playing these premium games when people pay for everything and don’t stop.”

Yuri Martins competes in 10k Reg Life Challenge in...

Luciano Hollanda wins $215 BIG10 title again at ACR Poker

Luciano Hollanda wins $215 BIG10 title again at AC...

On the first Sunday of the month, Brazil’s performance was overwhelming. During his visit to ACR Poker, Luciano Hollanda once again screamed victory in the $215 BIG10 event. While account pilot “BATEUASMINHA” earned $43,947 in misses, Elerson “Exxploited” Kirsten took home the bronze medal and $23,371.

Soon after, “ResilientPlaye” confirmed his stellar form and won $1,050 in bananas. Sunday. He increased his bankroll by $49,484 by sending 336 opponents home.

Fabiano “JohnNoArms” Kovalski (2nd) and Emanuel “emLF94” Maluf (4th) left the finals in Sunday’s $109 warm-up. ) bonuses were $34,639 and $18,459 respectively.

Meanwhile, “jumpigtheknife” finished third out of 366 entries in the $630 Euro High Roller, with the Brazilian taking home $26,145.

Other results

Tournament Player Position Prize

$215 NL Hold’em PKO “gayx2x” 2nd place $16,559

$55 Special BIG10 “RapGodGC” 2nd place $13,052

$88 NLH 50K GTD”cayaoAJU”1° $10,761

Luciano Hollanda wins $215 BIG10 title again at AC...

Strategy: The Key to Process-Oriented Goal Setting

Strategy: The Key to Process-Oriented Goal Setting

Coach, SCOOP champion and author Gareth James created an interesting thread on his Twitter discussing the proper way to set process-oriented goals.

Here are his words:

The key to setting goals. To understand how to make poker practice and training more effective, it’s important to understand the difference between outcome-oriented goals and process-oriented goals.

Outcome goals are the overall results we want to achieve. We may want to win a specific amount of money or a specific event (such as a SCOOP or WSOP bracelet). It’s okay to start with an outcome goal because we’re looking for a specific result.

The problem is that most people stop there, which is a poor goal-setting strategy overall. Setting goals based solely on results is the main reason why most goals are not achieved.

To be an effective goal setter, you must embrace the idea that there is a process to follow to achieve goals and specific results. Once the overall goal is determined, the relevant steps in the process must be identified.

We cannot have 100% control over the outcome goals, but we do have complete control over the steps we take to achieve them. achieve our goals. For example: You can’t control how much money you win in this game or how many bracelets you will win, SCOOP or WCOOP, but you can control when you study, what you study, how you study, what we focus on we can plan this process.

We can plan the process – what exactly do we need to do to achieve this outcome? So why set outcome goals? They are very motivating and the rewards we seek. But moving from results to process is a way to increase your chances of actually getting what you want.

Elite poker players set process-oriented goals. They are very specific about the skills they need to achieve their desired results. You should do the same. What is the desired outcome and what steps are needed to achieve it?

You can view the original thread in English here:

Key 🔑Goal setting🥅.

To understand how to make poker practice and training more effective, it’s important to understand the difference between outcome-oriented goals and process-oriented goals.

A clue 🧵(1/8)

— Gareth James (@gazelligpoker) April 5, 2022

Gareth is the author of “Purposeful Practice of Poker” : A Modern Approach,” the authors of Learning Poker with Patricia Cardner (2019), provide tips and exercises to improve the way you study poker.

Strategy: The Key to Process-Oriented Goal Setting

Negreanu and businessman collide in a shocking cooler

Negreanu and businessman collide in a shocking coo...

A surprising cooler involves Negreanu and a businessman.

On the ninth episode of High Stakes Poker, KidPoker defeated a multimillionaire to win the show’s largest pot.

Negreanu and a businessman engage in a stunning cooler confrontation.

This week’s edition of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO included a new table featuring Daniel Negreanu and Eric Persson, and closed with a poker legend removing all chips from a recreational player.

The ninth episode of the tenth season had an excellent blend of talent, action, and characters. In addition to the previously named players, Stanley Choi, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jennifer Tilly, Stanley Tang, and Andrew Robl participated in the game.

A transportation application helped Stanley Tang become a multimillionaire.

During the early days of High Stakes Poker, Negreanu often had variance working against him. In Season 9, his fortune shifted, and he remained in that vein at the beginning of this season.

The previous week, Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins played an epic $600,000 pot, and in this episode, the Canadian played the best hand against multimillionaire businessman Stanley Tang.

Tilly began the action by raising to $1,500 from the button, receiving callers from Negreanu’s 22 and Tang’s A8. The blinds folded and the flip revealed 9A2 to the three remaining players.

All players agreed to check, and the turn was an 8, a terrible card for Tang, who was up against a set. Tilly placed a $3,000 wager as a test, but Negreanu raised to $12,000 and was in a fantastic position to win a large pot. The talented actress folded her king-high as Tang called.

Following the 5, “DNegs” executed a shrewd check. Nonetheless, Tang opted to wager $59,000. Negreanu, who had just $200 more than the stake, moved all-in, and his opponent with two pair could not fold. The multimillionaire then learned the terrible news and threw away his cards, while the $150,900 pot was transported to Canada.

Negreanu and businessman collide in a shocking coo...

Laskowitz takes PGT Last Chance title from Haxton

Laskowitz takes PGT Last Chance title from Haxton

Samuel Laskowitz defeated Isaac Haxton in the PGT Last Chance match for a huge win in the Event #3 United States Championship The extravaganza features an away prize of $10,100 No-Limit Hold’em, which will finalize the PokerGO Tour 2023 leaderboard ahead of next week’s PGT Championship $1,000,000 Freeroll.

Laskowitz earned US$205,000, finishing in second place for $139,400 after a tough heads-up battle with Haxton, the most winning player of 2023 So his excellent pace continued the race.

Haxton shakes hands with new champion Laskowitz.

The champion reached a climax when he raised his card. The button went to 9-8 and decided to go all-in, and Ike called at 5-5, creating a 6 million chip pot.

It was a complicated situation for Laskowitz, who also experienced a frustrating flop of K K 6 and a turn of 10 that seemed to dash his hopes until he finally got on the river – A poker player’s best friend and worst enemy – a miraculous 9 helped him win $205,000. In doing so, Laskowitz ended up winning a final table that was entirely comprised of top American players like Seth Davies, who topped the podium with $106,600, and Dylan Linde with $82,000 Finished fourth.

PGT Last Chance – Event #3 $10,100 No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-in: $10,000

Entry: 82

End Pool:$820,000

Final Ranking

1. Samuel Raskowitz – $205,0002. Isaac Haxton – $139,4003. Seth Davis – $106,6004. Dylan Lind – $82,0005° Aram Zobian – $65,6006° David Peters – $49,2007° Jonathan Little – $36,9008° Chris Brewer – $36,9009 Daniel Smirkovic – $28,70010 Jonathan Cohen – $28,70011° Jim Colombi – $24,60012 Kristen Fox – $16,400

Laskowitz takes PGT Last Chance title from Haxton

Spanish Poker Aces in PokerStars Tuesday Regular Championship

Spanish Poker Aces in PokerStars Tuesday Regular C...

La Roja played Poker of Aces yesterday on PokerStars MTT day. The room organized 6 tournaments with prize money exceeding €10,000. Two of them were won by Ukrainian players, while the remaining four ended up going to Spanish players.

Spanish Poker Winners in Major Tournaments

These are the four Spanish Aces who achieved Victories in major tournaments yesterday:

  • pandibiri won a €10 mini thunder (€2,497.85).
  • x_Taila_x won a €10 bounty generator (€1,452.61).
  • Su Rios won a Big Bang worth €50 (€2,507.49) at her residence in Mexico.
  • Lolopeople won a Bounty Night worth €10 (€2,258.73).

Spanish Poker Aces in PokerStars Tuesday Regular C...

Victoria Casino: Results related to Yategate

Victoria Casino: Results related to Yategate

Investigation into illicit enrichment and money laundering involving Mayor Lomas de Zamora Martín Insauralde and well-known models Jésica Cirio and Sofía ClériciVictoria Casino Entre Rios has added another chapter. Two invoices totaling $11,262,960 were found there, which were payments for advertising on a television show hosted by Insaurald’s ex-wife, Cirio.

The judiciary wants to know if the payments were actually due to the politician’s travel hidden gifts , or whether this was directly a form of bribery in his favor.

The invoice emerged after the authorities of the Entre Rios Municipal Hotel and Casino refused to deliver documents following the Carabinieri operation at Casino Victoria on November 9 last year. Judge Ernesto Kreplak requested the information in a tax application.

After the procedure was completed, it was discovered that two invoices were issued in 2022, one dated on December 7 and the other on December 30 of that month. They support the Telefé program “Las mujeres de la Selección” hosted by Jesica Cirio. In this episode Inshoulade’s former partner interviews the girlfriends and wives of the Argentine national team players in Europe during the World Cup in Qatar.

The first invoice was issued for USD 5,676,720 and the second totaled USD 5,586,240. According to TN, Investigators have not been able to determine how those involved paid their bills, as they are shown as “unpaid” in the gambling company’s documents and do not have any rights

The judge actually suspected that the casino’s financial support for the scheme might actually have been a secret bribe aimed at the former head of the Buenos Aires cabinet.

Victoria Casino: Results related to Yategate

It’s official: Paysandu to build a luxury hotel-casino

It's official: Paysandu to build a luxury hotel-ca...

It is now official. The Uruguayan Executive Power authorized the call for international public bids for the construction and operation of a luxury hotel with a private casino in Paysandú, bordering the city of Colón in Entre Ríos, which is joined by a border crossing.

The building will be located where the old cinema of Paysandú was once located, in the old Ambassador movie theater. It is speculated that the luxurious hotel will have 104 rooms and the concession for the private exploitation of face-to-face gambling in a casino with 100 slot machines, which, it is estimated, will yield a profit of 1.9 million dollars in the first year alone.

The resolution determines that the “hotel with casino room” with address at 18 de Julio 1170 will have a construction investment equal to or higher than 20 million dollars, with a maximum imputation to the value of the property of up to ten percent (2 million dollars).

It is also estimated that there will be significant employment, with 48 workers for the hotel, 85 for the casino, and 3 for administration, according to the feasibility study.

The bridge linking Colón with Paysandú.

The decision to carry out the work is based on the private initiative presented by the company Arena Paysandú S.A.S., of Argentine capitals. This project was accepted at the end of 2022, while the feasibility studies were approved in May.

The initiative implies an important investment for the department, as well as optimistic projections for the tourist, commercial and economic development of the commune, especially in a critical context which is spreading all over the Uruguayan coast and which mainly affects the businesses of the area due to the exchange difference with Argentina and the exodus of domestic consumption to the other side of the border.

It's official: Paysandu to build a luxury hotel-ca...

Pecavsan scores Spain’s only win at PokerStars Galaxy Series on Monday

Pecavsan scores Spain's only win at PokerStars Gal...

Day 2 of the Galaxy Series took place yesterday on PokerStars. Nine races were played on the day, with prize money totaling €503,000.

France was Monday’s big winner and won 4 out of 9 events. Spain only achieved one victory.

“Pecavsan” won the GS-12 and took home €4,242.11 in prize money.

With the Blues’ outstanding performance, the Galaxy SeriesNational overall rankingFrance surpasses Spain b>. b> 18 events completed:

  • 1. France :5 wins.
  • 2. Spain: 4.
  • 3. Brazil and Portugal: 2.
  • 5. Armenia, Canada, Finland, Mexico and Peru: 1.

During the day, La Roja received a total of 13 in MTT Achieve victory. These are Monday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “FerD242” (PKO €20 6-Max).
  2. “ggtemplado” (SuperStack 5) €).
  3. “yespocketaces” (PKO 30€ max. 6 pieces).
  4. “pertxa13″ (PKO 20€ 6 max). *”pertxa13” (PKO 20€ for 6 pieces). -Max).
  5. “Euyin19” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).
  6. “Kantwan” (Ultra KO €20).
  7. “n. fostyk” (Ultra KO €10).
  8. “Venturita96” (PKO 20€ Turbo).
  9. “centroplaza” (Ultra KO €20).
  10. “Rookie131172” (SuperStack 1€).
  11. “joseju_00″ (BB €5). *”joseju_00” (BB 5 euros).
  12. “Pecavsan” (GS-12) .
  13. “alevazquez1” (1€ NLHE).

The Spaniards received 4Double and our team’s HU balance was negative:91st vs.132nd .

These are the results of the most important matches on Monday:

  1. TheyCallMeJanus (GS-07. Price: €14,089.98. Number of participants: 3,516. Prize pool: €158,220. Country: Finland).
  2. Pecavsan (GS-12 Price: £4,242.11. Number of games played: 3,973. Prize pool: £35,757. Country: Spain).
  3. castillo39100 (GS-13. Price: £8,851.94. Number of entries: 2,010. Prize pool: £90,450. Country: France).
  4. Xcalibur_v1 (GS-14) . Price: $4,141.75. Entry: $2,225. Prize pool: $40,050. Country: France).
  5. Sharkyhero27 (GS-16. Price: €6,316.81. Number of entries: 2,224. Prize pool: €60,048. Country: Portugal).
  6. Mxwa (GS-17. Price: £3,846.43. Number of entries: 4,998. Prize pool: £44,982. Country: Mexico).
  7. Amadi123 (GS-18. Prize money: €5,523.27. Number of participants: 308. Prize pool: €27,720. Country: Canada).
  8. Jennyfer6969 (GS-19. Prize money: €2,200.47. Number of entries: 1,115. Prize pool: €20,070. Country: France) .
  9. maxetcompagn (GS-20. Prize money: €4,029.46 . Number of participants: 961. Prize pool: €25,947. Country: France).

Pecavsan scores Spain's only win at PokerStars Gal...

Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and GGPoker.

Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and...

Former event winner Joo “XxJoaoFeraxX” Otávio hasn’t had a great showing in previous PokerStars Majors during Sunday’s Million Days. He beat 691 players in the $109 Sunday cooldown and won $19,006.

Joe continued. Peter “pitaoufmg” Parcio finished ninth in the $530 Bounty Builder Competition, earning a bronze medal and $18,026.

Finally, Joo went to GGPoker, raised the green and yellow flag, and became The winner of the $129 Turbo Bounty Closer earned him an additional $9,675.

$215 worth of top three picks from Sunday’s Sonics game all wearing green and yellow outfits: Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha, Tauan “kylix42” and Diego “Dih21” Costa. First place winner Padilha won $17,932.

Bolognax releases $55 Mini Bounty later in the day Builder HR. In total, he earned $32,960. “Tony0610” finished third in the competition, earning $18,084. “cgordon1988” finished fifth, earning $10,286.

Meanwhile, “erikmvs” in the $33 Bounty Builder Contest Beat 50,44 entrants and win $16,275.

Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and...

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