BSOP: Tournament cancellation sparks outrage, management explains

BSOP Sao Paulo's R$10,000 PLO5 High Roller cancele...

The third day of the Sao Paulo BSOP began, and Omaha-loving players were surprised by the cancellation of one of their most anticipated tournaments, the PLO5 One-Day High Roller. The buy-in for this event was R$10,000, with a guaranteed surprise of R500,000. Dollar.

The game was scheduled to begin this Friday at 2 p.m. Many regulars travel to St. Paul and head to the Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel looking for one goal: to win a championship and great prizes. However, the tournament was ultimately canceled by the organization, sparking considerable outrage from some players who disagreed with the BSOP’s stance.

One of the big surprises was Allison Lindsay, a very strong Brazilian PLO5 regular who had traveled all the way to tournaments all the way to Sao Paulo just to attend this tournament and ended up missing out on the “travel”. He posted a lengthy statement on Instagram commenting on what happened, and cleverly hypothesized that the cause might be stacking:

“Guys, something very annoying is going on right now and I Very frustrated, I was even upset.” A cup of coffee. The BSOP’s R$ 10,000 PLO5 event has been cancelled. I’m very sad because I came to Sao Paulo just to compete in this tournament, and I’m very sad because I feel like the sport is under attack. I am very disappointed. They claimed that when the game started at 2:00 PM, there were not three people signed up to play, so they canceled the game. When I was there until 2:20pm there were about 20 people wanting to play. I’ve never organized a live event so I don’t know what they will decide when it’s a very difficult decision because there aren’t three people there and automatically canceling is the right thing to do. In my opinion, it might be a good idea to wait a while (say 30 minutes) to see if it comes together well. I swear to you it was 2:20 p.m. With a 20-person race, it would theoretically require 55 entrants to break the guarantee, and that’s just 1 entrant, not counting re-entries. I think each person could easily enter one and a half. Maybe I’m really disappointed, maybe the BSOP made the best decision based on its financial interests, and I’m really frustrated,” Lindsay said.

Allison Lindsay

Another player who was very upset about the cancellation was David Wense from Bahia, who won the High Roller Stage of the Millions. As A pure PLO5 player, he had planned to travel to São Paulo and arrived on Friday morning for the tournament. Book accommodation and flights.

“This is ridiculous, I came from El Salvador to participate in a tournament worth 10,000 reais of PLO5, just like I did in the two big events I attended. Then I came. “Come here to play, paid for accommodation, bought tickets. I arrived at 2.10pm. “The competition started at 2pm and they claimed there were no registered participants and only five people spoke to me about it when the competition was cancelled. ” complained the defending champion.

Some players suspected that the cancellation was due to possible overlaps due to the R$10,000 Texas Hold’em High Roller event in the previous two days not reaching the guaranteed amount. Unlike Lindsay, Wense held the opposite view Opinion:

“You can’t draw the wrong conclusion, there’s no way of knowing whether it will overlap. In my opinion there’s no way they knew people would play, it lacks consideration for the players. We keep our families at home, we pay for them, we respect the event and when the time comes they don’t think about us. For example, I only played PLO5 and now I can’t compete anymore. I left my wife and daughter at home and missed the trip. Defending champion Wense complained: “I can’t participate in the game. This is not considered by the organization.”

David Wense

In the BSOP rules available at, there is a specific clause in the event calendar regarding the possible cancellation and postponement of tournaments, which states that the following applies:

Postponement and/or Cancellation:If due to technical problems, unauthorized interference, fraud or other external reasons within the control of the organization, including but not limited to force majeure events and natural events, the event cannot proceed as planned and in any event The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, postpone or suspend this Championship for as long as it deems necessary without being obliged to do so in any way Compensate or reimburse participants, except for refunds of registration fees to registered participants.

a. If a competition is cancelled, only those who expressly registered to participate in the canceled competition before the date of cancellation will be considered clients of the Organizer and actual participants in the event.

b. Winning a seat in a satellite tournament (including online tournaments) does not in itself constitute registration for a BSOP event.

c. The registration process is considered complete and valid only when the participant receives a registration receipt in person at the event, online or through the GameID system.

When contacted by Mundo Poker, Devanir Campos said: “DC” and BSOP Tournament Director Roberto Soares (“Bob”) explained how the decision to cancel the tournament came about:

” The tournament was scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m.. At 1:59 p.m., it was time.” Only one player registered. At 2pm, with only one player registered, we did not believe the race would take place and decided to cancel. This way there won’t be 2 or 3 players present and it could take longer than an hour. He waited to see if the game would take place. That way he can decide if he wants to play another game or do something else,” explained Devanir Campos.

“The game is canceled at the discretion of management. At 2pm there was only one player in and we thought it best to cancel the game as we didn’t think there would be a venue.I’m also very frustrated about this because canceling the tournament or not letting it happen is definitely not the intention of the BSOP organization. Unfortunately due to scheduling we were unable to do it on another day. We have a well-thought-out schedule for the games taking place on this day for a number of reasons. “It could have been tomorrow, but there’s another high roller event tomorrow with eight events, so we can’t change the date and cancel it,” Bob said.

BSOP Sao Paulo's R$10,000 PLO5 High Roller cancele...

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  • Shanahan.elmo

    This text highlights the frustration and disappointment of Omaha-loving players at the cancellation of the PLO5 One-Day High Roller tournament at the Sao Paulo BSOP. The players expressed their disappointment at traveling all the way to Sao Paulo for the tournament, only to have it canceled. They raised concerns about the organization’s decision and the lack of consideration for the players who had made arrangements to participate in the event. The text also mentions the differing opinions among the players, with some speculating on the reasons behind the cancellation. Overall, it portrays a sense of frustration and disappointment among the players who were looking forward to competing in the tournament.

  • This text highlights the cancellation of a highly anticipated PLO5 tournament at the Sao Paulo BSOP, which has caused frustration and outrage among players who had been looking forward to participating. Players like Allison Lindsay and David Wense expressed disappointment and criticized the decision to cancel the tournament, with some speculating that it may have been due to financial interests or possible overlaps with other events. The players feel that more consideration should have been given to those who had traveled and made arrangements to participate in the tournament. The text also mentions the BSOP rules regarding the cancellation and postponement of tournaments. Overall, the text portrays a sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction among the Omaha-loving players at the Sao Paulo BSOP.

  • This text highlights the frustration and disappointment felt by some players at the Sao Paulo BSOP due to the cancellation of a highly anticipated tournament. The players had traveled from far and wide with the goal of competing for substantial prizes, only to have the event canceled at the last minute. The players expressed their dissatisfaction with the organization’s decision, questioning the reasoning behind it and feeling that their dedication and effort had not been properly acknowledged. The text also discusses different viewpoints among the players regarding the possible reasons for the cancellation, with some suspecting overlaps with other events and others feeling that the organization failed to consider the impact on the players. Overall, the text conveys the sense of disappointment and frustration experienced by the players involved.

  • This text highlights the disappointment and frustration felt by players at the Sao Paulo BSOP event due to the sudden cancellation of the PLO5 One-Day High Roller tournament. Players, such as Allison Lindsay and David Wense, expressed their dismay at the decision and offered differing perspectives on the matter.

    Lindsay expressed disappointment at the cancellation and questioned the organization’s decision-making process, suggesting that they could have waited longer to see if more players would sign up. On the other hand, Wense was outraged, feeling that the organization did not consider the players’ efforts and sacrifices to attend the event.

    Overall, the text sheds light on the challenges and complexities of organizing and participating in high-stakes poker tournaments, and the impact that sudden cancellations can have on dedicated players. It also raises questions about transparency and communication between organizers and players in such events.

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