Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Players Championship

Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Player...

Event #43 The $50,000 Poker Players Championship is probably one of the most prestigious tournaments at this year’s WSOP 2023. It’s not the most expensive or the most crowded, but it’s the game the best gamers will want to play to showcase their versatility in the mix.

For this prestigious bracelet, some of the most successful players in the world are still battling an industry that has entered its fourth day, although unfortunately no Nacho Barbero , who bid farewell to 16th in Tuesday’s bubble embarrassment. Ranking, the last place before the bonus.

Nacho Barbero is frustrated with his elimination.


With 99 entries worth $50,000, The Players Championship will award $4,727,250 to the top 15 players (12 players remain finalized), but Barbero went away empty-handed> after losing a pot-limit Omaha hand to British player Talal Shakerchi.

The Argentine has come this far after winning several pots, although his hand is the beginning of this farewell, but not the end, the official PokerGO broadcast The footage immortalized the farewell, and one wondered if “Nacho’s year” would ever be over. .

VIDEO | Nacho Barbero stays in bubble

Is ‘Nacho Year’ over? ? ? @nacho_barbero shines in $50,000 Poker Players Tournament!

The remaining 15 players are guaranteed at least $84,255.

📺 – Watch live here: https://t.co/9PzzO9RtQf PICTURE. twitter.com/34SkQF8Nsb

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 21, 2023

After the departure of Barbero, backed by Cacho Korn, Fellow countrymen like Bartolo Belluscio and Ramiro Petrone opened up the prize pool with a minimum prize of $84,255, although everyone’s dream is a bracelet, at $1,324. The winner gets $747.

The tournament is currently led by Matthew Ashton with 4,450,000 chips and Phil Ivey is fifth in chips with 3,135,000 chips. Obtain his 11th bracelet.

Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Tournament

Buy-In:$50,000Stakes: 99Pot: $4,727,250

Only they remain

1. Matthew Ashton—4,450,0002° Hal Rosewood – 3,900,0003. Talal Sakchi – 3,430,0004° Brian Last – 3,365,0005. Phil Ivey – 3,135,0006. Josh Arieh – 2,360,0007. Ray Dehkharghani – 2,285,0008. Daniel Arai—1,885,0009° James Fruit – 1,805,00010° Johannes Becker – 1,520,00011° Christopher Tang – 1,190,00012. Marco Johnson – 375,000


1. – $1,324,7472nd Place – $818,7563rd Place – $573,6794th Place – $411,8245° – $303,0716 – $228,793 – $228,7937 – $177,294 – $177,2948° – $141,1259 – $141,12510° – $115,47711° – $115,47712th place – $97,20913. Maxx Coleman – $97,20914. Phil Hellmus – $97,20915. John Monette – $84,255

Bubbles! This is how Nacho Barbero left The Player...

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