Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

Day 2 of Event #85: $1,500 WSOP Penalty Shootout at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas relegated from 100 to last 10 players start the day. Due to the structure of the tournament, each remaining player once again beats the other nine players at the same table to advance to the final. One of them, Yuri Givylevsky, could make more history.

The players returning this Saturday will receive at least $19,003 in cash prizes, but only one of them will win as they’re keen to win the World Series of Poker Tournament Gold Bracelets and 1st Prize237,367 greens.

Adam Friedman leads, but Dzivielevski close behind.

Final table prospect Bright and full of familiar faces. Five-time WSOP bracelet winner Adam Friedman (2,500,000) was the first player to sell a ticket to the Financial Times. He was joined by Latin Hope, also multi-bracelet winner Dzivielevski (2,415,000), looking to add a fourth bracelet to his collection. If he can do that, he will be the only one on the list of most bracelet winners the Brazilian shared with Max Stern today. Another Brazilian green player Alan Melo (2,420,000) is also on the list.

He’s on the right track, as despite being one of the last finalists, he has the fewest gap stacks of the ten.

Another newcomer is popular globetrotter Faraz Jaka (2,450,000), a regular visitor to the Latin American country, looking for his first bracelet.

Olga Iermolcheva (2,450,000) has also made progress and will be a strong contender, as has Edward Mroczkowski, who has He won four events in the tournament, including a 738th place finish in the Main Event.

The last player to reach the final table was Michael Finstein (2,415,000), who defeated Aleksandr Gofman after more than seven hours of play. This will be Einstein’s second WSOP FT since he finished seventh in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event in 2018.

Event #85: $1,500 Penalty Shootout.

Buy-in: $1,500Number of participants: 987Pot: $1,317,645Blind Note: Level 32 (30,000/60,000, 60,000 Ante)Average Stack: 2,467,500Next Cash: $19,003 p>Final Table

1° Adam Friedman – 2,500,0002° Ink Boat – 2,500,0003° Proud Morning – 2,453,0004° Faraz Jaka – 2,450,0005. Olga Ilmocheva – 2,450,0006. Edward Moroczkowski – 2,440,0007° Alan Mello – 2,420,0008° Matteo Cavelier – 2,420,0009° Michael Feinstein – 2,415,00010° Yuri Givylevsky – 2,415,000

ITM Latino

13. Gustavo Mastroto – $5,75930° Fabiano Kowalski – $5,75967. Julian Pineda – $5,759

*collection completed

Can Tsiverevski equal the bracelet record?

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    This text provides an update on Day 2 of the WSOP Penalty Shootout event, highlighting the top 10 players who will continue to compete for the final. It mentions some notable players, including Adam Friedman and Dzivielevski, and provides details about their chip stacks.

  • This text provides a detailed summary of Day 2 of Event #85: $1,500 WSOP Penalty Shootout, including the remaining players and their chip counts. It also mentions the cash prizes and the ultimate goal of winning the World Series of Poker Tournament Gold Bracelets. It provides a comprehensive overview of the event and the players involved.

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    This text provides detailed information about the final table players in the $1,500 WSOP Penalty Shootout event at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. It mentions the chip leaders, past winners, and potential contenders for the first prize of $237,367. The event has a diverse group of players with varying levels of experience and success in the tournament.

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