Diego Fernandez finishes second in Sunday Million

Diego Fernandes finishes second in PokerStars Sund...

The traditional PokerStars Sunday Million field was once again dominated by a strong showing from Brazil, with three of them reaching the finals. The best is Diego Fernandes, known as “Fernandovisck” at the poker tables on the site. He finished the race in second place and earned the biggest win of his career.

As a grinder for the Samba Poker team, Diego faced a two-day marathon and got the result with an outstanding performance. In heads-up action, the pro turned his $109 buy-in into a $68,694 win.

As mentioned above, there were two other Brazilian players in the final table. Grinder “PosserBros” finished fourth for $32,368, while Thiago Baptista (also known as “ThEPuDa”) finished fifth for $26,431. p> Win

Diego at the end He started the day with the largest stack among the 85 players and maintained a huge lead until the final table, when he had to recover after a few hands. However, the Brazilian met with great resistance from the Kazakh “Eset93” and finally achieved good results against Diego and his compatriots.

Fernandez even eliminated the Canadian “Echo Science” in the third AA of 44, but succumbed to the pressure of “Eset93” singled out and pushed 11 BBS from K5 at a disadvantage, the last move Received a call from A3. The Brazilian even had a flush draw and a turn pair on the A83K board, but T-River didn’t help him, ultimately deciding the runner-up spot.

Diego Fernandes finishes second in PokerStars Sund...

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  • Kassulke.tiara

    It is impressive to see Brazil’s dominance in the PokerStars Sunday Million, with three players reaching the finals. Diego Fernandes, also known as Fernandovisck, had a fantastic performance finishing in second place and earning a significant win for his career.

  • I think the text highlights the impressive performance of Brazilian poker players in the PokerStars Sunday Million event, with Diego Fernandes earning a significant win. Despite facing tough competition, Fernandes showcased his skills and finished in second place, showcasing his talent at the poker tables.

  • Susana.gutmann

    I think the text highlights the strong presence of Brazilian players in the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament, with Diego Fernandes achieving a career-best win. Despite facing tough competition, he ultimately finished in second place. It’s impressive to see players from Brazil performing well in such a high-stakes tournament.

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