Ivey Claims Her 11th Place in Poker Players Tournament

Ivey Claims Her 11th Place in Poker Players Tourna...

Phil Ivey has 10 World Series gold bracelets, and while he hasn’t won a bracelet since 2014 (when he was runner-up last year), his eleventh The jewel’s dream is more alive than ever for the poker prodigy who is still in contention for the Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Championship at the 2023 WSOP.

Ivey, the Tiger Woods of Poker wanted this win, which is why by the end of Day 3 he was fifth in chips with 3,135,000, while the World Poker Only 12 players remain in one of the series’ most prestigious events.

Nacho Barbero is the bubble.

The day ended with a dozen players at the table, with

The district, on the other hand, was in high gear for much of TuesdayNacho Barbero, who had bad taste in Mond when he was the 16th bubble player and came away empty-handed. Among the top 15 players at the box office was Phill Hellmuth, who dropped to 14th with $97,209.

This Wednesday, racing will continue with the Horseshoe and Paris race in Las Vegas with the remaining 12 runners returning at 1:00pm. Local time blinds are 30K/60K and limits are 60K/120K. They are expected to play until they are down to 5 chips. $1,324,747 is reserved for tomorrow’s announcement of the winner.

Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Tournament

Buy-Amount: $50,000Entry Amount: b>99Pot: $4,727,250Blinds: Level 19 (30,000/60,000)Average Stacks: 2,475,000

Only they remain

1. Matthew Ashton—4,450,000The 2nd Hal Rosewood – 3,900,0003. Talal Sakchi – 3,430,0004. Brian Rust – 3,365,0005. Phil Ivey – 3,135,0006. Josh Arieh – 2,360,0007. Ray Dehkharghani – 2,285,0008. Daniel Arai—1,885,0009° James Fruit – 1,805,00010° Johannes Becker – 1,520,00011° Christopher Tang – 1,190,00012. Marco Johnson – 375,000


1. – $1,324,7472nd Place – $818,7563rd Place – $573,6794th Place – $411,8245° – $303,0716 – $228,793 – $228,7937 – $177,294 – $177,2948° – $141,1259 – $141,12510° – $115,47711° – $115,47712th place – $97,20913° Max Coleman – $97,20914. Phil Hellmus – $97,20915. John Monette – $84,255

Ivey Claims Her 11th Place in Poker Players Tourna...

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  • Gerlach.moses

    This text provides updates on the progress and standings of the 2023 WSOP Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Championship, with a focus on Phil Ivey’s chances of winning his eleventh bracelet. It also includes the chip counts and payout structure for the remaining players.

  • Madelyn.howell

    This text provides information about the current standings and remaining players in the Event #43 $50,000 Poker Players Championship at the 2023 WSOP. It mentions that Phil Ivey, a renowned poker player, is still in contention and highlights the prize money for the top positions.

  • This text provides an update on the progress of Phil Ivey, a renowned poker player, in the 2023 WSOP. It mentions his pursuit of his eleventh WSOP victory and highlights his current chip count and ranking among the remaining players.

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