Jeremy Ausmus Cracks Online High Roller Tournament, Becomes First Player to Win Five Bracelets in Less Than Two Years

Jeremy Ausmus Cracks Online High Roller Tournament...

Over the past 628 days, no one has won more at the WSOP than Jeremy Ausmus. In the early hours of the morning, he cracked the Online Event 8: $3,200 NL Hold’em High Roller to win his fifth bracelet. Overall, the knockout round earned $360,000 for the ChipChecka account pilot.

Ausmus doubled up in the FT bubble to defeat CL Chance Kornuth. A bad shot early in the decider ended former world champion Corey Aldemere’s trip. When Q ♦Q♣ played against Kornuth’s J ♦J♠, he had no chance on the J♣9 ♦3 ♦J♥A♣ board.

At the next level, Ausmus hits the flip and wins. Jumped to the top. He moved all-in with 8♦8♥ and was the only one to call “Cokinaalcubo” 14-bet all-in with A♠Q♣. The K 4 ♦ A♣ flop helped the Englishman, but the 8 ♣ turn sealed his defeat.

Kornuth is next to go bust. On the 7♣9♣J flop, the American check-raised all-in and was called by Christopher “Ccast93” Castiglia. With Q♥J♠ vs. 10♦10♥, Kornuth was eliminated on the 8♣ turn and 5♠ river.

Heads-up is coming soon. In another preflop all-in, Ausmus hit K♥9♥ against the A♠8 of Ioannis “Cheeecha” Angelou Konstas. The board of 3♦2♥K♣9♥Q♣ dealt a heavy blow to Ausmus and he was eliminated again.

In a fairly close matchup, Ausmus and Castiglia alternated the lead several times until the end of the contest. On the final hand, he made an all-in push that ran into his opponent’s K♠K♥. He dominates with 10♣7♣ and can’t find his outs on the Q♥6♦3♥A♦K board.

A total of 321 players participated in Event 8. See how many bags each finalist has:

1. Jeremy “ChipChecka” Ausmus (USA) $360,036

2. Christopher “Ccast93” Castiglia (USA) $224,631

3. Ioannis “Cheeecha” Angelou Konstas (Greece) $151,939

4. Chance “BingShui” Kornuth (USA) $108,442

5. “Cokinaalcubo” (UK) $73,735

6. Koray “seatscramble” Aldemir (Germany) $53,029

Jeremy Ausmus Cracks Online High Roller Tournament...

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  • Blaze.lubowitz

    The text describes Jeremy Ausmus’s victory in the Online Event 8: $3,200 NL Holdem High Roller at the WSOP, where he won his fifth bracelet and earned $360,000. It also highlights key moments and eliminations throughout the tournament.

  • This text is a recap of Jeremy Ausmus’ success at the WSOP, specifically his victory in the Online Event 8: $3,200 NL Holdem High Roller. It provides details of his gameplay and showcases the results of the top six finalists in the event.

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