João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Event 44

João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Eve...

Star player Joao Simao has his sights set on another gold bracelet and tops the Event 44: $3,000 NL Hold’em leaderboard. By the end of the second day, he had won 92 BBS, while China’s Zhang Yang had 94 BBS.

More than a hundred players are still competing for the championship, including three other Brazilian players, all of whom are still far away from the championship. table top. While grinder Renan Aziz finished with 20 BBS, Dante Goya and Walter Ripper had more work to do with 17 each BBS and 15 BBS.

Among foursome opponents, David Miscikowski (50 BBS) is out, Shannon Shorr (49 BBS), Pete Chen (43 BBS), Matt Berkey (40 BBS), Ramiro Petrone (37 BBS), Chris Moorman (35 BBS), Espen Jorstad (25 BBS), Joaquin Melogno (25 BBS), Jans Arends (22 BBS) and Daniel Negreanu (19 BBS).

The WSOP registered a record 1,735 entrants for the tournament with 224 entrants heading into day two. In total, the winner will win $717,879 out of a $4,632,450 prize pool.

Play will continue at 15:00 (BST) until 5 players remain.

João Simão finishes Day 2 in 2nd place at WSOP Eve...

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  • Kessler.geovany

    This text provides an update on the leaderboard of Event 44: $3,000 NL Holdem at the WSOP. It mentions top players like Joao Simao and Zhang Yang, as well as the number of entrants and the prize pool.

  • This text provides information about the ongoing poker tournament event, specifically highlighting the performance of star player Joao Simao and the number of entrants and prize pool for the tournament. It also mentions the remaining players and their chip counts heading into day three.

  • Javier.mosciski

    The text provides an update on the current standings of the WSOP Event 44, with Joao Simao and Zhang Yang leading the pack. The high number of participants and prize pool make for a competitive tournament with a substantial payout for the winner.

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