Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and GGPoker.

Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and...

Former event winner Joo “XxJoaoFeraxX” Otávio hasn’t had a great showing in previous PokerStars Majors during Sunday’s Million Days. He beat 691 players in the $109 Sunday cooldown and won $19,006.

Joe continued. Peter “pitaoufmg” Parcio finished ninth in the $530 Bounty Builder Competition, earning a bronze medal and $18,026.

Finally, Joo went to GGPoker, raised the green and yellow flag, and became The winner of the $129 Turbo Bounty Closer earned him an additional $9,675.

$215 worth of top three picks from Sunday’s Sonics game all wearing green and yellow outfits: Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha, Tauan “kylix42” and Diego “Dih21” Costa. First place winner Padilha won $17,932.

Bolognax releases $55 Mini Bounty later in the day Builder HR. In total, he earned $32,960. “Tony0610” finished third in the competition, earning $18,084. “cgordon1988” finished fifth, earning $10,286.

Meanwhile, “erikmvs” in the $33 Bounty Builder Contest Beat 50,44 entrants and win $16,275.

Joo Otávio wins the Turbo event on PokerStars and...

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  • This text provides a brief overview of various poker players’ performances and winnings in different tournaments. It highlights the successes and earnings of each player and gives a glimpse into their achievements.

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    This text discusses the performance of various players in different PokerStars Majors events. It highlights the winnings and achievements of players such as Joo “XxJoaoFeraxX” Otávio and Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha, showcasing their success in the tournaments.

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