KSOP Fortaleza: Bruno Porto is NLH 6-Max Champion

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza: Bruno Porto wins NLH 6-Max...

Bruno Porto’s 2024 season at KSOP GGPoker has been an eye-opener so far. Today in Fortaleza, the live star added another title to his vast collection by winning the NLH 6-Max event, a tournament handpicked by pros that will take place this week Five held.

This is also the fourth time Porto has won the KSOP GGPoker championship this season, ranking third in points. This year alone, he has won the last Top 36 ranking event (not counting points), the South American Freezeout event, also held in South America, and the Kings Turbo event.

This time, Porto’s victory reversed previous poor results. The regular could have chosen another game today, but he took part in the NLH 6-Max and his choice paid off handsomely. Bruno beat 66 competitors in the R$ 1,000 tournament and left the tournament with R$ 16,000 in prize money.

The winner spoke about his new success: “I’m very happy for another trophy. Today is the third day of the KSOP Fortaleza and so far I don’t feel good, I missed it Three of the five tournaments I participated in. Today I wanted to compete in HR, where the venue is more complex, but I chose the cheaper tournament and it worked out,” said Bruno.

Bruno Porto’s final table was very safe. Always at the top. He reached the finish line without any problems, the hardest part was the heads-up. In the end, he suffered a heavy blow in heads-up play and fell behind 10-1. But he patiently managed to turn everything around and turn the situation around.

“That’s it.” I’m always first. Second place at the final table, so I didn’t have too many difficulties. “It worked again and I managed to turn it around, which is great,” explained the champion.

The new result also gives the player from São Paulo a shot in the arm in the fight for the KSOP GGPoker rankings. He had been assured: he would succeed. “My plan is to compete for rankings. I’ve had this idea since the beginning of the year and I’m trying to play everything. Let’s see if it works out in the end. I finished second last year. Let’s see.” “If I can improve on that this year,” Porto concluded.

Look at the final table prize pool:

1. – Bruno Porto – R$ 16,000 2nd place – Bartolomeu Filho – R$ 11,3003rd Place – Victor Verzili – R$ 7,8004th place – Jobert Mitson – R$ 5,5505th Place – Yoshimasa Skeda – R$ 4,0006th place – Emiliano German Bazzano (Argentina) – R$ 3,0007th Place – Juventino Garcia (Mexico) – R$ 2,500

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza: Bruno Porto wins NLH 6-Max...

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  • This text highlights Bruno Porto’s successful 2024 season at KSOP GGPoker, where he has consistently performed well and added another title to his collection. Porto’s strategic choices in tournaments and his ability to turn around tough situations show his skill and determination on the poker table.

  • I think Bruno Porto’s 2024 season at KSOP GGPoker has been very successful, with him adding another title to his collection. He seems determined to improve on his second place finish from last year and is focused on competing for the rankings.

  • Britney.kshlerin

    I think the text highlights Bruno Porto’s impressive success in the 2024 season at KSOP GGPoker, particularly his recent victory in the NLH 6-Max event. Porto’s strategic choices and ability to turn difficult situations around show his skill and determination in the competitive poker scene. His consistent performance has also put him in a strong position in the rankings, indicating a promising year ahead for him in the tournament circuit.

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