Marcos Exterkotter bluffs, finishes WSOP Event 39 in 18th

Marcos Exterkotter bluffs, finishes WSOP Event 39...

Last Brazilian in WSOP Event 39: $1,500 NL Hold’em Monster Stack Eliminated. Walking away, Marcos Exterkotter tried to bluff and got an immediate call from an opponent with quads. He earned $45,980 for 18th place.

According to PokerNews, Marcos led with 10♣7♦ and immediately raised to $2,000,000. Nicholas Gerrity then defended the big hand and called. The flop came 8♣9♠2♥, Marcos bet 1,500,000 and his opponent check-raised to 3,200,000. On the K♥ turn, both players check. Finally, on the 2♠ river, Gerrity bet 6,800,000 and Marcos thought long and hard before moving all-in. American player insta called with 2♣2♦ and won the pot.

Gerrity didn’t stop there, taking the lead by himself to end the race. With just eight players remaining from a field of 8,317, he has 56 BBS against his 47 closest opponents. If they win, the pro will take home $1,162,681.

In Event 39, Thiago Martins (No. 41) and João Bauer (No. 39) also had early exits on day four, Win $30,415.

Marcos Exterkotter bluffs, finishes WSOP Event 39...

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  • This text provides a brief summary of an event in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) where a Brazilian player, Marcos Exterkotter, was eliminated after attempting to bluff and getting called by an opponent with a strong hand. The text also mentions the performance of other Brazilian players in the same event.

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    This text describes the elimination of the last Brazilian player in the WSOP Event 39, who attempted a bluff but was called by an opponent with quads. The American player who made the call now has the chip lead among the remaining eight players, with a chance to win $1,162,681.

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