Phil Hellmuth Wins His 17th WSOP Bracelet

End of Event 17: Phil Helmuth Sets New Record at W...

The “White Wizard” of poker – Phil Helmuth – has once again proven that he is unmatched at the World Series of Poker. In the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty event, the player won again to claim his 17th WSOP bracelet. It’s a World Series of Poker all-time record – none of the closest entrants has more than 10 titles.

The tournament attracted 642 players and had a prize pool of $4,044,600. Both amateur and professional poker players participated in the event. A number of star players were spotted, including Phil Ivey at the final table.

The poker player was looking for his 11th bracelet, but the desire for another record was stronger for Helmut than Phil found pocket aces and knocked out the other sixth-ranked Fi you. Overall, the final table was fast-paced, with heads-up play completed within dozens of hands.

Heads-up heads-up with Justin Zaki started with roughly even stacks, but one hand was everything. Justin flopped a straight flush draw against Helmut’s two low pair. It’s hard to imagine the emotions the Horseshoe Ballroom would experience if the Deuce closed. But luck was on the side of the white magician, so Phil won the house and won the long-awaited victory.

“I’m doing well. I must have a smile on my face”, said Helmut after calming down.

As a matter of fact, this competition is still very interesting for Helmut. The poker player started playing after quitting the $50,000 event. Otherwise, according to Phil, he himself would have missed the game.

At some point, there are still a few blinds left in the player’s stack, and the main task of the future champion is to hold out until the break. After managing to keep his chips intact, Phil reraised and made it to the winning final table. The player also stated that his composure at the final table was one of the key factors in his success.

First place brought Helmut $803,818. However, the poker world knows that the record holder isn’t interested in big payouts, but the chance to prove he’s still one of the best players in the world.

End of Event 17: Phil Helmuth Sets New Record at W...

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  • This text discusses Phil Helmuth’s victory in the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty event at the World Series of Poker, earning him his 17th WSOP bracelet. It highlights his exceptional skills and composure at the final table, emphasizing his desire to prove himself as one of the best players in the world rather than the monetary reward.

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    This text celebrates Phil Helmuth’s recent victory at the World Series of Poker, where he claimed his 17th WSOP bracelet, setting a new record. The article highlights his skills, strategic play, and composure as key factors in his success, emphasizing his desire to prove himself as one of the best players in the world rather than focusing on the monetary reward.

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