Poker on PokerStars Spain PokerStars: A Great Day for the Spanish Redskins

Poker on PokerStars Spain PokerStars: A Great Day...

Tuesday was impressive day for La Roja at PokerStars. The Daily Tournament and Spotlight Week events have attracted attention. We thought it would be a good idea to incorporate them into the routine of the Red Spades Room. They really brighten up the day.

Red Spade Room organized the 8Five Figure Grand Prize Tournament with prize money worth €123,000. Four of them ended with Spainvictories.

Militosis won the Funky Tuesday Ante Up at the Spotlight Week event and was awarded €1,681.39 .

In the regular tournament we won 3 times with big pots.

AKAeikeiei” won €10 Mini Thunder (€2,406.98).

Cholopetyone” won the €100 Night of the Stars (€2,323.19).

liaño96” took first place in the €10 bounty night ($1,542.72).

With these four victories, La Roja had a total of 28 victories in yesterday’s MTT. “jmas68” deserves a special mention from our players who won the Double Online Championship and these are Tuesday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “naranjojaime” (PKO $10 Turbo).
  2. “Zizoukennn” (PKO $5).
  3. “makeyl” (PKO $5 Turbo).
  4. “Manumontyf1” (PKO €30 6) -Max).
  5. “JBordii” (PKO €10 Turbo).
  6. “koneckt4” (PKO 10€ 6-Max).
  7. “jmas68” (SuperStack 1 Euro).
  8. “AKAeikeiei” (Mini Thunder €10).
  9. “MUCKanthony” (Superstack €3).
  10. “jmas68” (PKO €1).* “jmas68” (PKO €1).*
  11. “babyfiss” (Daily Omaha 6 € 10).
  12. “Cholopetyone” (Night of Stars) £100).
  13. “Laryteh” (Daily Micro €1).
  14. “liaño96” (Bounty Night €10).
  15. “Militosis” (Funky) Tuesday, ante up €10.
  16. “Mr. Squid” (BB €20).
  17. “camello665” (Ultra KO €10).
  18. “pepeluti93” (BB 5 euros).
  19. “almogávares”” (Ultra KO Turbo €20).
  20. “sextyrone” (BB €10).
  21. “Diana110981” (SuperStack Turbo €10) ).
  22. “FishAndChips314” (Zoom PKO €30).* “aritz740” (Zoom PKO €30).
  23. “aritz740” (PKO €10 6-Max Hyper).
  24. “Orbaiz99” (PKO 5 Euro 6-seater).
  25. “taitosvq” (1 Euro NLHE 4-seater).
  26. “EmanuelCGG” (5 GBP NLHE).
  27. “lapopop” (2€ NLHE Turbo).
  28. “pokerdeas123” (0.50€ NLHE 6-Max Hyper PKO).

The Spaniard won 7doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) and the balance in the HU Very cheap Our team: 21 wins11 2nd place.

These are the results of Tuesday’s most important games:

Today we will be back in the room for the regular tournament schedule.

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

Poker on PokerStars Spain PokerStars: A Great Day...

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