Supreme Poker Series “AugustoBEKIS” Clava Event 152-H

Supreme Poker Series

With Suprema Felt, SPS will be running at full speed until June 18th. Last Thursday, June 15th, no one made more money than “AugustoBEKIS”. In Event 152-H: R$2,500 NL Hold’em HighS he won R$52,587 after defeating 122 opponents.

Meanwhile, ‘AleluiAA’ kept their victory cry in Event 151-H: €550 NL Hold’em HighS They are enigmas. He was selected out of 272 entrants and received R$ 49,126 in funding.

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Event 373-M: €250 No Limit Hold’em Battle HR (1,023 entries)

Championship: “PASTEL10” R$37,477

Event 153-H: R$ 550 NL Hold’em OmaX HR (102 participants)

Championship: “Gabriel 12” R$ 22,442

Event 562-L: €15 NL Hold’em Plus (2,067 participants)

Championship: “StilleR” R$ 9,286

Supreme Poker Series

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