WSOP 2023 Day 22: Matthew Ashton Collects PPC After Bubble

WSOP 2023 Day 22: Matthew Ashton Collects PPC Afte...

Matthew Ashton

The World Series of PokerThe $50,000 Poker Players Championship is entering its final stretch. The bubble has burst and only two tables of six remain.

Day three had a fairly distinct feature, a fairly pronounced imbalance between the top and bottom of the leaderboard. Because of this, the entire decline into a bubble is more or less resistance against short stacks.

The drama gets worse when one of these short stacks has a 16 bracelet. Phil Hellmuth spends most of the day moaning about every pot he loses, because his worst mood is known to come when he loses a hand, and he’s already lost Many hands. Regardless, he offers another lesson in his quirky short-stack strategy, which involves avoiding flips as much as possible in a mixed-limit format.

What kind of #WHITEMAGIC is @phil_hellmuth and @philivey what happened to this hand in the @WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship? ? ?

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 21, 2023

Hellmuth once again proved his poker vision to be valid, not theoretical heresy, and secured his poker vision’s 189th WSOP cash.

In order for Hellmuth and John Monnette to compete for the prize money, a sacrifice had to be made and that was Nacho Barbero. While the two shorts kept the table, the Argentine lost an increasingly important pot. Unlike his opponent, Nacho went all-in pre-flop against Talal Shakerchi in the PLO, with the community betting in the millionaire’s favor.

After the first half of the bubble, until short stacks. Matthew Ashton leaves the game for good with a string of incredible results that were already surprising in No-Limit Hold’em but almost unbelievable in 9- . After a 14-player redraw, he was second to last at the table and fourth from last, and has since racked up almost as many points as chip leader Phil Ivey at the time.

For those of us from Spain watching the festival, the main interest for the rest of the day was event #44 3k$NLHE.

Due to the late registration, there were four Hispanic players competing for the award the next day, and now it has reached the fifth place.

Valeriano Toledano, Sergio Eido, Sergio Fernandez and Javier Gore, whose efforts and investments proved fruitless Max. The only winner was Mario Navarro, who finished 129th ($6,411).

We’ll never know how many Spaniards signed up for the giant meat grinder for Event #46 $500 Freezeout? The tournament grew to 5,342 entrants, an incredible number for a non-repurchasable tournament and causing them to be cut off from the world until only 238 players remained .

Juanma Pastor is still in contention, ranking 73rd in the provisional rankings, although he has passed some compatriots for the title.

  • 434. Rene Lazaro $1,080.
  • 625°. Raul Pez $875
  • 793°. Iván Domínguez $800

Jorge Ufano, the person who visits us the most in these daily WSOP chronicles appears at the bottom of the comments: he is The only Spaniard in the Event #47 $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. He is 152 years old. From 260 survivors, need to improve your position to reach 126 available positions.

What’s happening starting today, June 19th?

WSOP 2023 Day 22: Matthew Ashton Collects PPC Afte...

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