WSOP Investigates High Roller Martin Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel accused of WSOP map marker

At almost every World Series of Poker there are various scandals involving prominent poker players. Most of the time, this happens due to the player’s crazy schemes or suspicion of wrongdoing.

Such a story takes place in the current WSOP 2023 series, and it involves the name of popular Czech poker player Martin Kabrhel. He recently made the final table of WSOP 2023 Event #40: $250,000 Super High Roller for an incredible third-place finish of $2,279,030.

However, the poker player has been accused of somehow underperforming. Play poker while participating in a WSOP event. However, these allegations came not from anyone but from popular poker players in good standing.

In case you didn’t know!

Czech poker player Martin Kabrhel made the best money of his poker career at the 2018 WSOPE €100,000 Super High Roller. That’s when he won his first World Series of Poker bracelet and €2,624,340.

Martin Kabrhel accused of cheating at WSOP event

It all started with a Twitter thread from Andrew Robl, who wrote that Martin Kabrhel was making all WSOP events boring by cheating. Robl said he saw Kabrhel marking the cards and expressed surprise that the Czech high roller hasn’t been banned from the WSOP yet.

This may look like an offended poker player who missed the card. If Roble hadn’t joined some other notable players like Chance Cornuth and Dan Smith, he’d be in line for a big tournament payout. The latter, by the way, made the final table of the $250,000 WSOP event. Even Phil Helmuth, who doesn’t usually comment on such scandals, said he was “uncomfortable” sitting at the same table as Martin Kabrhel.

It didn’t take long for the Czech high rollers to react with a lengthy Twitter post containing his own version of events

“Yesterday Andrew Robl posted a tweet accusing me of identifying cards and cheating in a poker tournament. I’m shocked how quickly people understand this.” As a true, pure claim with no evidence whatsoever, the media went into a frenzy, paint me as a liar. You can accuse me of bad manners and bad jokes, you can label me, you can mention my autism, you can call me “I’m a nuisance, but calling me a liar is nonsense, ’ wrote the poker player. Martin added that such public allegations would have an extremely negative impact on his reputation and threatened to sue anyone he believed to be defaming him. The poker world is divided into two camps. The former (and even many lesser-known players) claimed that Martin cheated, while the latter argued that the allegations were baseless. Some poker players have posted videos in the comments that they believe confirm the Czech high rollers’ cheating motives.

Martin Kabrhel accused of WSOP map marker

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